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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Are You Looking For Clean Water From Every Outlet in Your Home?

A whole house water filter helps improve water quality at all points in your home. You can have fewer fixtures and buildup on water pipes with the use of this filter. All water dispensing outlets including toilets and showers will give you clean water at all times.

The filter will be connected to your main water line to make sure that all impurities are kept out using one solution. You will then have cleaner water coming out of every tap in your home at all times.

What type of home water filter will work the best for you? You can have a good look over the common water problems faced by customers to decide the one that will work best you.  The water entering your home may contain bacteria, chemicals, sediments, salts and chlorine which may make water look, taste or smell bad. Adding a filter system to every outlet can be a daunting task but a whole house filter makes this simple and easy.

Let A Whole House Water Filter Address All Your Needs!

Typically, water contaminants that are a bit of an extra concern include chemicals and agents that cause hardness. These can be quite a nuisance especially when hardness concentration is on a higher side.  How can you know this? Your soap consumption will be high as it will not lather well. Even after you clean your tubs and sinks thoroughly, you will still notice white stains left behind. Your laundry may feel stiff or show white streaks after subsequent exposure to hard water.

The troubles don’t end here. Your water heaters will probably suffer the most if they are continuously exposed to hard water. High concentrations of chemicals and salts that cause hardness will ultimately result in the buildup of scales or hard deposits. Your water pipes may have reduced flow which can add to your worries. Hard water is mainly due to calcium and magnesium salts dissolved in water. You can easily get rid of these troubles by using a whole house saltless water conditioner. It helps remove calcium and magnesium salts effectively which are mainly responsible for causing hardness.

With the use of a whole house saltless water conditioner, you can have softer clothes and softer skin. You will also have reduced stains on your tubs and sinks. This water filter can also prolong the life of water pipes by reducing corrosion and scale buildup.

Water pipes made of copper are particularly susceptible to corrosion if water contains iron. Iron, as you are familiar, reacts readily with oxygen to form a reddish brown deposit (ferric oxide) also known as rust. If your water is high in iron content, you will observe reddish brown stains in your toilets and sinks. Your dishwasher will also show similar signs.

High iron content may lead to the yellowing of your laundry especially if you use chlorine bleach. You may also feel a metallic taste every time you drink water. The easiest way to know whether or not water in your home contains high iron content is by observing the sediments left after water is allowed to stand for long. A whole house iron water filter is a good option to be used in these cases. You will be relieved from this annoying problem as the filter will keep away iron from entering your water for good.

You will also be able to keep away heavy metals that are a potential hazard to your family’s health. The water flowing through the home water filter is cleared of mercury, lead, copper, nickel, chromium and cadmium. The result you obtain is pure water free from metal traces and other dissolved impurities.

Some water impurities can be extremely hazardous to your health. Frequent stomach upsets, intestinal disturbances, unpleasant odor and odd taste of water may point towards contamination due to runoffs. Your water does need to travel a lot before reaching you and may get contaminated during the process. Getting the right water filter installed will give you protection against all possible sources of contamination.

The rotten egg like odor from both cold and hot water pipes indicates sulfur bacteria or presence of hydrogen sulfide. Your water pipes may show signs of turning black and release black particles in the water. A whole house hydrogen sulfide/iron water filter can be utilized as an appropriate treatment to ensure none of the contaminants interfere with quality and purity of water from every tap at your home.

If you wish to have clear and contamination free water in your home for many years to come, trying a whole house water filter will definitely be worth it.

by: Chris Tracey


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