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Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Seychelle's water filter pitcher sets out to break through the limitations that this configuration usually impose, and largely succeeds at its mission. The pitcher is more versatile and useful than most filters made in this configuration, while offering water storage at the same time. The pitcher shape makes it easy to put this filter into the refrigerator when in civilized surroundings for a cool drink on a hot day, and also eases pouring of the water more than is typical in gravity feed filters.

The Seychelle water filter pitcher consists of two levels – the reservoir at the top, and the main pitcher space at the bottom. Water is put into the reservoir through a flip top opening, and up to half a gallon can be held at once. This water then percolates down through the filter cartridge into the main storage area of the pitcher. This area holds 1 gallon of water; it can fully filled by filling the top section twice in a row.

There is no limit to the amount of water that can be processed through the filter cartridge daily. Some pitcher filters can only be used once or twice daily, and then left so that the cartridge can “recover”, but the Seychelle model can be used continuously if desired.

Filtering capabilities of the Seychelle water filter pitcher

The Seychelle water filter pitcher naturally centers around the cartridge that connects the reservoir and the storage chamber. The purification system removes around 85% of fluoride, but is more effective with other substances, cleansing over 99% of heavy metals like chromium, mercury, or lead, clearing out dangerous volatile organic compounds like DDT, insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides, and improving the taste, appearance, and flavor of the water by removing all sand, sediment, and rust particles, plus other particulate matter.

150 gallons, or 300 half-gallon refills, is the maximum working capacity of each cartridge in this device. After that, the cartridge ought to be replaced to continue to offer fast and effective filtering. You will likely be able to tell when this point is being reached because of slowdown in the filtering of water, as the cartridge's spaces become clogged with sifted-out contaminants.

Three different kinds of filters are available for the Seychelle water filter pitcher – a regular filter that removes everything that the standard does except bacteria a standard filter that centers on removing bacteria plus everything the regular filter removes, and a radiological filter that handles water contaminated by the most hazardous substances known to man. The latter can remove all or over 99% of strontium, uranium, cesium 137, radioactive iodine 131, radon 222, and gross beta, so the filter is useful in a nuclear disaster area, too, such as near a melted-down reactor.

 Filter pitcher features

The Seychelle water filter pitcher is made out of plastic, but this is Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved material that does not leach BPA into your drinking water. The capabilities and safety of the pitcher have been tested independently and found to comply fully with both EPA and NSF standards.

This purification device is designed specifically with travelers, RV users, campers, and boaters in mind. Since it can also handle microorganisms like E. coli, cryptosporidium, and Giardia, it can be used with mucky outdoor waters, though abundant sediment naturally reduces filter cartridge lifespan. It cannot be used to filter salt water, however.

The pistol grip features ergonomic finger ripples to give a secure grip, even while pouring when the pitcher is full (at which time it will weigh around 10 pounds, since water is heavy). The pitcher weighs 3.2 pounds empty, with the cartridge fitted. Fully assembled, the Seychelle water filter pitcher measures 12 ¼” by 13” by 6 ¾”.

Designed to provide robust portable water filtration to people away from their home for extended periods of time, this Seychelle product enables advanced filtering of water at many different remote locations. It is also made in the United States, which is a positive feature for those who want to support American industry with their purchase or who trust American quality.

Visit http://www.qualitywaterfilters4you.com/seychelle-water-filter-bottles.html to view test results and learn more about Seychelle pitcher filters and other portable water filters.

by: Chris Tracey


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