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Friday, September 7, 2012

Fluoride is something people encounter every day. It is mainly found in toothpaste, which is used two or three times a day, and is also in processed cereals, juice drinks, tea and alcohol. In non-food items, Teflon pans, anesthetics and cigarettes all also contribute to the amount of fluoride consumed in daily life. One of the problems with this element is that it can actually cause damage to the teeth and vital organs when consumed in large amounts, which is why many people are opposed to the fluoridation of water. This is something that is done all across America, and is the reason that many people choose to filter fluoride out of their water using a household, sink or faucet filter.

The arguments about fluoridation driving people to filter fluoride from their water system


The concern about fluoride is that it is essentially a medicine being put into the main drinking water that feeds into homes. With any other medicine, a person would need to explicitly give their consent before being given a dose, but fluoride seems to have bypassed this law as the only way to opt out is to refrain from drinking tap water, or filter fluoride with a specific filter unit. Many emerging studies are showing that there is no benefit to consuming fluoride, as it only works topically, and they are also beginning to see that the reported benefits of fluoridation are not as proven as people were led to believe in the past. In fact, some graphs show that the prevalence of cavities was on the decline at just as rapid a rate in countries without fluoridation as those who added the chemical to their water supplies. When this is compared with the reported harmful effects of the chemical, it becomes clear why people are opposing this practice and asking for a new study to be carried out on the actual results of a water fluoridation system.

by: Chris Tracey


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