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Thursday, September 13, 2012
When shopping for a countertop water filter it can get very confusing with all the different models and different filtering medias in them. The first thing you will want to make sure is that a countertop water filter will hook up to your faucet. You will have to take your aerator of your faucet and be able to hook the diverter valve that is on the filter to your faucet. If you have the new faucets that are on the market that have a pull out sprayer on the faucet its self you will not be able to hook a countertop water filter on your faucet you would need an undersink or a gravity water filter.

Countertop filters come with different filtering medias in them so you will want to choose one for your needs. You will want to ask you self what you want to filter from your drinking water or what is in my water?  Most countertop water filters on the market use medias such as, granular activated carbon (GAC), Carbon Block, KDF 55 & 85, Activated Alumina and ceramic filters.  Some of them have all these in one filter system and others just use one of the medias.

(GAC) granular activated carbon is good for reducing chlorine, chloramines, VOC’s, pesticides, herbicides most chemical compounds. Carbon Block which usually comes with a 1 micron or 5 micron filter, the 1 micron will filter the same contaminants as the GAC and also lead, cryptosporidium, and Giardia and heavy metal reduction. The 5 micron carbon block filter will reduce the same as the GAC except it is a little better at filtering as the water is forced through it as it is more compacted than the GAC is.

KDF 55 media will reduce heavy metals like copper, zinc, mercury, aluminum and other dissolved metals in your water. It also removes chlorine. KDF is used in shower filters also as it can be used in a wide temperature range where with most other filtering medias you do not want to run hot water through them as it will make them ineffective.

If you are also looking to reduce fluoride from your water you will need a countertop water filter with a fluoride reducing media in it (Activated Alumina) as just any water filter will not reduce fluoride from your drinking water as it is difficult to remove fluoride from water. It will also reduce lead and arsenic.

Then there is ceramic countertop filters and they will remove bacteria from your drinking water some of them have other filtering medias in them to make them multiple stages.

So if you are only worried about chlorine in your water a GAC or carbon block will work fine. If you want a little more protection then you would want a filter with multiple stages with KDF, Carbon, and fluoride filtering media if you would like to reduce fluoride.

by: Chris Tracey


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