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Thursday, June 28, 2012
Fluoride isn’t a harmful chemical in small doses. If the name sounds familiar, this is because it is one of the common ingredients found in toothpaste. It is added to this product to improve tooth strength through topical application, and this is why people spit out their toothpaste when they have finished with it. The chemical is also naturally occurring in beer, soy products and green tea. With all this fluoride in our existing daily routine, it makes little sense to add it to the water supply too. This is one of the reasons that a filter for fluoride might be fitted to the faucet.

Over-fluoridation makes it necessary to filter fluoride from water

Another reason to filter fluoride is because it has been the subject of much controversy through the years. The fluoridation of water happened at the beginning of the 20th century when it was discovered that this chemical could make teeth stronger. Some sources suggest that this was based on less-than-reputable studies provided by a company that had a need to dispose of a large amount of the chemical. Over the following years, more studies showed that there might actually be side effects to drinking too much of the chemical, but even today there is still a high amount of fluoridation of water under the guise that it is helping our oral health.

by: Chris Tracey


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