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Thursday, June 14, 2012
When on the move, bottled water is often the answer when a person starts getting thirsty. Not only is this an expensive thing to do, it can also be less beneficial to health than people are led to believe. Although there are varying reports on the matter, it has been known for bottled water to have more contaminants than it claims on the bottle. This is why a personal Seychelle water filter is a much better decision.

Using the personal Seychelle water filter

Having the Seychelle water filter on your person means you know exactly what water you will be drinking. This is helpful in places where drinking the tap water is not recommended, or where high levels of contaminants are known to exist. Some people opt for filling an empty bottle with water from their home filter, but the problem with this is that it will run out eventually. The personal water filter actually filtrates tap water on the go, so it can be refilled time after time.

by: Chris Tracey


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