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Monday, May 28, 2012

Although rarely advertised by water companies, our drinking water is full of contaminants and chemicals that are putting our health and wellbeing at risk. One of these is arsenic, which is normally used in paints and soaps. This chemical gets to the water supply through manufacturing processes for glass and electronics, and can cause skin problems, breathing problems and possibly even cancer when consumed in excess. An arsenic filter can effectively remove this tasteless and odorless element from water.

What to consider when choosing an arsenic filter

Not all filters will work for all contaminants. Things to consider are particle sizes and behavior in water as well as the methods used in the filters for removing contaminants. Reverse osmosis is one method that will remove arsenic from water, but the best way to be sure that it is being fully controlled is to use a designated arsenic filter designed for the job.  

by: Chris Tracey


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