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Wednesday, May 2, 2012
Without a fluoride filter, families could be exposing themselves to very serious health risks, the most obvious of which being the ingestion of fluoride. This element is found in faucet water because of the inclusion of it by local water companies. While the controversy of this goes far and deep into American water politics, the basic facts are that a few people believe fluoride helps build healthy teeth, but many new studies have shown that it harms them. No matter who is right, using a fluoride filter removes the risk of this contaminant from the water and creates better peace of mind for families.

What are the real risks of drinking water not from a fluoride filter?

Without the use of a fluoride filter, families are putting themselves at a big risk of health issues. While fluoride is known to help teeth, the amount in water is thought of as too much, and this can create problems with teeth. Some studies say this can go as far as damaging the bones in the body, which is a serious worry for those who drink unfiltered water.

by: Chris Tracey


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