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Thursday, April 19, 2012
When selecting a water filter fluoride is one of the things to consider. This element is commonly found in drinking water throughout the continental US, and is often discussed in heated debates surrounding its safety in drinking water. Those who are not willing to submerse themselves in political information should still fit one of these filters, as there is no harm in removing fluoride from drinking water.

With a water filter fluoride is not a problem

Fluoride was added to water many years ago, and there is some controversy as to whether this was done for the health of those drinking it, or merely as a way to deplete the large stocks of this metal by-product. Extensive tests have shown that fluoride has no health benefits for those consuming it, but others argue that it helps build healthy teeth. For those who simply want peace of mind, in using a good water filter fluoride should no longer be a problem.

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by: Chris Tracey


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