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Thursday, March 22, 2012
When reaching for a glass of water, the last thing anyone would consider is that within the transparent liquid lies a selection of nasty contaminants. This, however, is the case, with many chemicals and foreign materials leaking into the water we drink, and many more being intentionally put in there by water companies. While this is measured regularly and ruled as safe to drink, it is a legitimate concern for those who care about their health. The Seychelle water filter has the capacity to remove chlorine, silt, various pathogens, fluoride  and dissolved solids from drinking water.

How the Seychelle water filter can improve taste

Not only is the Seychelle water filter good for removing the elements that we can’t see, but it can also improve the taste that we can notice. Although faucet water has a very subtle taste that is often overlooked by most seasoned palettes, the bad taste of the water becomes immediately apparent when compared with a glass of freshly filtered Seychelle water.

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by: Chris Tracey


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