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Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Water filters can do more than remove bacteria, they can also remove sediment. Sediment is often a problem in some locales as well as in some older homes. Generally, sediment is not harmful if ingested, but it does give tap water an unsightly appearance that many consumers do not like. A good-quality sediment water filter will take care of this problem.

The types of sediment one might find in tap water vary. Sand, dirt, and rust are three of the most common types of sediment that can travel in water and end up in your drinking glass.

It is important to understand the limitations of a sediment water filter before buying one. For instance, a sediment filter does not remove bacteria from the water. The filter media that is used in a sediment filter is too porous to remove material as small as bacteria or cyst. The filter media for a sediment filter has to be large pored in order to catch the sediment itself without clogging up too rapidly.

Likewise, a normal sediment water filter will not remove chlorine or fluoride or any other chemical from the water. There are filters that will certainly do that for you, but sediment water filters will not. However, if you need to remove particles from your water, then sediment filters are the solution.

As you may already know, particle size can vary depending on what the material is made of. For this reason, consumers should buy the filter that matches the material they wish to remove. Some consumers will do fine with a general purpose sediment filter while others would do better customizing the filter to the material that is in the water.

The best sediment filters will remove the tiniest particles but will cost more. Each water sediment filter will present consumers with its information about the efficiency of the model. This information is provided by the manufacturer.

Consumers should also look at how long the filter media will last before it must be changed. Many models use easy to replace cartridges that the consumer simply removes and replaces with a new cartridge as needed. Keep in mind, though, that water that is more contaminated with particles will need replacement more often than water that has less particulate material in it.

You can learn much more about sediment water filters by visiting a reliable online water filter vendor. Don't forget to match the filter with the material that you want to remove.

by: Chris Tracey


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