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Friday, August 19, 2011
Here are 10 of the most important reasons for installing a whole house water filter system. Some of these facts may surprise you as most consumers believe that tap water is perfectly safe at all times.

10 Reasons for Using a Whole House Water Filter:

Many consumers do not realize that harmful chemicals are constantly escaping into the air from sources such as the shower, dishwasher, sink, and toilet.

This release of contaminants into the home's air results in poor, and sometimes unhealthy, air quality. Studies have shown that poor air quality is one of the leading causes of bronchitis and asthma. Chemicals released through the shower head often have a harsh, drying effect on both skin and hair.

The use of an undersink, countertop, or shower head water filter will not entirely protect your family from harmful water contaminants as these devices are point-of-use devices, treating only the water at that one source.

While shower head water filters are important to health, they must filter water at extreme temperatures, and are therefore not 100 percent effective at removing all of the dangerous contaminants found in tap water.

Certain types of skin rashes and other irritations are known to be a result of chlorine and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) becoming embedded in clothing that was washed in chlorinated water.

Aside from the shower, the home dishwasher will release more chlorine into the air than any other water source in the home.

To protect the home from all of the above hazards, the use of a whole house water filter is recommended. A whole house water filter system is the best way to protect all of the sources of water in the home, including the shower and toilet.

A good-quality whole house water filtering system will purify water affordably and efficiently. This makes it one of the best values when it comes to protecting the whole home at once.

There are an estimated 2100 known water contaminants that can enter the body. Entry can be made via drinking, skin absorption, and inhalation.

Remember: switching over to bottled water for drinking purposes will not protect you and your family from all contaminants found in water. A whole house water filter system will!

by: Chris Tracey


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