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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Here are 10 of the most important reasons to use a shower head water filter in the home. Some of the following facts concerning shower water filters and their effectiveness at reducing or eliminating chlorine may surprise you.

10 Reasons for Using a Shower Head Water Filter:

It has been estimated by the EPA that virtually every household that uses shower heads have elevated levels of airborne chloroform due to chlorine that is released from the shower head.

In most places, municipal tap water will contain as much as, if not more, chlorine than is found in most swimming pools. This same tap water, of course, is what flows out of your shower head.

Did you know that more chlorine enters the body through dermal absorption (through the skin) and inhalation (breathing) while people are showering than is absorbed by drinking tap water?

Chlorine that is found in tap water and that comes out of shower heads has been proven to have a drying effect on both skin and hair. Chlorine, itself, is also a harsh chemical that can affect the luster of hair.

You should know that when you stand under a shower head, the pores of your skin will open wider. This is why dermal absorption of chlorine while showering without an approved shower head water filter is so risky.

Those who may be sensitive to chlorine may also develop a rash or other type of irritation if they bathe without an approved shower filter. An approved shower head filter for this purpose is one that removes chlorine from the tap water before it exits the shower head.

Many people do not realize that chlorine will vaporize faster than water once it exits the shower head. This vaporization is why people breathe in such large quantities of the chemical as well as other types of chemicals while showering. This is especially true during hot water showers.

Once a chemical is inhaled, as is caused by vaporization, the chemical is delivered into the bloodstream almost immediately and there is virtually no way to prevent this from happening except through the use of an approved shower head water filter.

Consumers may not know it but studies show that more water contaminants, including chlorine, are released into the air from the shower than from any other source within the home.

Chlorine has long been a suspected cause of breast cancer in women. Of those women suffering from breast cancer, the vast majority all have 50 to 60 percent more chlorine in their breast tissue than do healthy women.

by: Chris Tracey


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