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Friday, July 29, 2011
Many consumers want cleaner, fresher water in the home or office. One of the best ways to improve tap water is to install an undersink water filter. Not only can the consumer have cleaner water, but can also save room on the countertop.

An under-sink water filter is installed under the sink, as one might imagine. The installation is usually fairly straightforward and involves tying the water filter into the existing water supply line. This is normally done on the cold water side of the supply. Unless you purchase a special filter that can be used on the hot water side, always attach to the cold water supply line.

When installing your undersink water filter try to ensure that you place the filter device in a position that is easy to reach as you will have to replace the filter media from time to time. Might as well make it easy on yourself from the start!

Before buying your undersink water filter, consider what you want the filter to do. Not all water filters do the same thing. The good news is you have many options today, including the option of a general purpose water filter that is fine for many homes and offices.

Aside from the general purpose models available, consumers can also select from models that can remove chlorine from the water, models that remove fluoride or remove metals such as iron and manganese. There are also undersink water filters that can remove sediment from the incoming water.

For those wishing to protect their tap water from bacteria or other types of microorganisms make sure you purchase a filter that is rated and approved for that purpose. A carbon block system is often a good option for those who want to remove these small cysts from the incoming water. Still, make sure that the filter you choose uses a filter media that is capable of trapping these microscopic organisms.

Because the price has come down so far, many consumers now prefer to buy undersink water filters that include a small alarm system that lets the owner know it is time to change the filter media. This is a great bonus and should be considered by anyone wishing to install this type of water filter.

Lastly, it is always a good idea to match the undersink water filter with the amount of water that is normally used at that particular point of use. For instance, the kitchen sink normally processes more water than the bathroom sink. Consumers would want to ensure that the water filter purchased for the kitchen can deliver more water, faster, than what they might need for the bathroom.

by: Chris Tracey


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