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Wednesday, July 27, 2011
In times of emergency, a portable water filter can literally save lives. These small devices are capable of filtering water to remove harmful, sometimes fatal, contaminants, making the water safe for human consumption. For those who wish to be prepared in times of sudden disaster, a portable water filter is worth its weight in gold.

For those considering the purchase of a portable water filter, a few considerations need to be addressed. Let's look at some of these considerations.

First, portable water filters are designed to last a few days or for a much longer period of time. Consumers should decide if they need a less expensive, but shorter lived, water filter or if they need a device that will last much longer. The shorter lived portable water filters will generally last two to four days, depending on the level of use. The longer lived devices, which are sometimes called "survival water filters" can be purchased that last for years. They are, of course, more expensive.

The smaller devices are normally used for short-term disasters such as found during tornadoes, floods, or hurricane. The survival models are used by those who believe loss of water service may last for months or years.

When considering a portable water filter of the shorter lived design, which is what most consumers are looking for, it is imperative to read the manufacturer's literature before purchasing. Consumers want to know what contaminants the filter will remove and the amount of water the filter can handle before the media must be changed. There is no such thing as one size fits all in filter media. Some filters are very effective at removing sediment but are not effective at all at removing bacteria. The same may hold true in reverse.

For this reason, consumers must learn what the filter is capable of doing and what it cannot do. As mentioned above, it is also important to know how much raw water the filter can process before it must be changed. Consumers will want to have extra filter media on hand for replacement purposes.

Portable water filters can be ordered online and are generally very affordable. They are a great asset to any home emergency kit.

by: Chris Tracey


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