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Wednesday, July 20, 2011
 Many consumers rely on their home or office water filters to clean and purify their drinking water. Over the last few years, the use of water filters has increased significantly as more and more people become concerned with the quality of their tap water. But did you know that most water filters require at least some maintenance in order to operate properly? It is true, and one of the most important tasks the owner of a water filter needs to perform is changing or cleaning the filter media.

Water filters, whether they are point of use devices or whole house systems, often require the owner to change or replace the filter media. This is because many filters work on the principal of collection. In other words, the media traps, or collects, the harmful material and holds it within the media itself. As you imagine, this media will, at some point in time, become full. Once this happens, the media must be cleaned or replaced, depending on the type of filter the consumer is using.

Most modern water filters now use replaceable cartridges. These cartridges hold the media and are easy to change out. The consumer simply removes the old cartridge, discards it, and replaces it with a new one. This type of filter can be changed in a matter of minutes in most cases, and replacement cartridges are easy to find online.

In a few types of water filters, the media can be cleaned. This involves removing the media container, cleaning the media per the manufacturer's instructions, and replacing the media back into the filtering system itself. It is imperative that consumers follow the instructions to the letter when cleaning filter media in this manner.

There are many newer models of water filters that now come with small alarm systems that alert the consumer when it is time to change or replace the media. This is a real bonus as it relieves the consumer of having to keep track of when media is changed and when the next change is due. It is always a good idea to have a few replacement media cartridges on hand so as to be ready when the alarm goes off.

It should be noted that ignoring your filter media can lead to water that is contaminated either by the dirty media itself or by contaminants that are present in the delivered water that are not removed as they should be by the media. For this reason, it is best to be sure rather than risk ingesting contaminated water. Keep your water filter media clean and fresh and it will continue to protect you and your family from harmful chemicals and bacteria.

by: Chris Tracey


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