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Monday, July 11, 2011
For many consumers, hydrogen sulfide water filters are absolutely essential for clean, fresh water. On the whole, hydrogen sulfide in drinking water is not toxic, but it does put off that "rotten egg" odor that most people do not like. The addition of a hydrogen sulfide water filter can eradicate this problem.

Hydrogen sulfide water filters are very effective at removing this nuisance compound. This is good because it only takes about 1 ppm (part per million) of the compound in water to produce the unpleasant smell associated with it. But this compound does more than just smell bad. It can also harm various types of metals often found in the home. Some of the metals it can harm include: iron, steel, copper, brass and silver.

In addition, it can also cause unsightly stains on kitchen and bathroom fixtures and will certainly affect the taste and appearance of food.

The compound is formed by sulfur bacteria, and because of its odor most people know they have the problem without having to test the water. However, it is always a good idea to have the water tested by a lab to ensure there is no bacterial contamination which might be a sign that the odor is coming from sewage pollution.

One of the best ways to eliminate hydrogen sulfide from your drinking water is to add a bit of chlorine to the water. The chlorine will cause the sulfide to form into a particle which can then be removed via a water filter. Most homes that get their water from a water company will already have chlorine in it, so you may be able to skip this part as long as your incoming water has a residual level of chlorine high enough to cause the reaction.

In terms of hydrogen sulfide water filters, most consumers prefer a whole house method as this takes care of the problem for all of the faucets. A hydrogen sulfide water filter system that uses aeration can also remove the sulfide from the water.

If you have only a small amount of hydrogen sulfide in your water, you may be able to remove it with an activated carbon water filter. These units only remove small amounts so be aware of that before you buy one. The filter will have to be replaced periodically, depending on the amount of hydrogen sulfide is in the water.

Note: If the odor only comes when the hot water is turned on, the cause could be the magnesium rod that hot water heater manufacturers place inside hot water heaters in order to prevent corrosion. The rod reacts with any sulfur that is dissolved in the water to form hydrogen sulfide. Replace the rod with an aluminum rod to fix the problem.

For all others, the use hydrogen sulfide water filters will take care of your problem and allow you and your family to enjoy your water again.

by: Chris Tracey


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