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Friday, July 1, 2011
Many people have been wondering what chromium 6 is and how it affects their water supply. They have also been wondering if there is a chromium 6 water filter available to remove this dangerous chemical from their incoming water. Here are some facts about chromium 6 water filters and the chemical itself.

What are the Sources of Chromium-6 in drinking water?

In simple terms, chromium is a metallic element. It is both odorless and tasteless. The element itself occurs naturally in rocks, plants, humans, soil, volcanic dust, and animals. The most common types of this element are trivalent (chromium-3), hexavalent (chromium-6) and the metal form, chromium-0.

While chromium-3 occurs naturally and can be found in vegetables, grains, fruits, and meats, chromium-6 is produced by industrial processes.

Some of the major sources of chromium-6 found within drinking water come from discharges from paper pulp and steel mills. In many cases, the chemical is released via poor storage or leakage from storage tanks. It is also a result of improper disposal practices. Chromium 6 can be found in both surface water sources such as rivers and lakes as well as in underground aquifers, where the chemical has leeched into.

The EPA regulates chromium 6 as part of the total chromium drinking water standard which began in 1992. The current Chromium in Drinking Water Standard is set at 100 parts per billion. The reason the EPA regulates this element is because it is a cancer-causing element. The US Congress is currently considering tighten the regulations even more to better protect consumers from negative health effects.

Chromium 6 water filter solutions:

Studies have shown that reverse osmosis can effectively reduce chromium in water by 90 to 97%. In addition, to reverse osmosis, water distillation systems can also reduce chromium 6 in drinking water.

Consumers should understand that chromium 6 has been found in 31 of 35 U.S. cities. The highest levels were detected in Norman, OK; Honolulu, HI; and Riverside, CA.

For anyone who is concerned about removing this element from their drinking water through the use of chromium 6 water filter, the best advice is to consult with a reliable water filter vendor first. They can help you assess your needs and offer the best solutions to fit your budget. The FDA recommends installing a home water filtration system that has been certified by the NSF to remove chromium 6. And, again, this is most often accomplished through the use of reverse osmosis system or through the use of water distillation system.

by: Chris Tracey


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