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Friday, July 22, 2011
With more and more consumers becoming aware of the potential hazards associated with tap water, information on drinking water filters has become an important factor in making the right buying decision. While there are dozens of reasons to install a drinking water filter, here are 10 of the most important.

10 Reasons to Use a Drinking Water Filter:

Clean water is essential for good health. This is simply a fact, and without clean water, people can, and do, become ill. In some cases, waterborne contaminants can be fatal.

Many of those living in the US may not realize that drinking impure, contaminated water is the number one leading cause of epidemic disease in many developing countries.

The EPA estimates that there are more than 2100 known drinking water contaminants, any of which may be present in tap water. Some of these containments include known poisons such as arsenic and mercury.

Bottled water is often not as clean as consumers think. In fact, many brands of bottled water use tap water as their source. In effect, the consumer is paying a lot more for water that is no better than that found at the home sink.

Municipal water treatment plants cannot guarantee 100 percent clean water at all times. In fact, many treatment plants have had to shut down temporarily for outbreaks of E. coli and other contaminants.

Installing a good-quality drinking water filter is the most effective way to ensure that your drinking water is contaminant free. Drinking water filters can be installed as either whole house water systems or as point of use water filters.

Did you know that several types of cancer have been attributed to toxic materials that are often found in drinking water?

Drinking water that is clean is essential for the good health of all people, but especially important for children and for those who may have immune deficiency issues.

The EPA estimates that the presence of lead in drinking water contributes to more than 480,000 cases of learning disorders in children each year within the United States alone.

The use of a high-quality water filter for drinking water is especially important for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant. Many contaminants have been attributed to birth defects, and a drinking water filter is the best way to protect the unborn.

by: Chris Tracey


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