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Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Knowing how to remove bacteria from drinking water can be essential to your well-being and health. This is especially true in times of emergency when safe drinking water may not be available. Drinking water that is contaminated can lead to a variety of health issues including: dysentery, cholera, hepatitis, and typhoid to name a few.

Consumers should understand that bacteria and other organisms found in drinking water are some of the most harmful contaminants known to mankind and sicken and kill thousands of people each year. It is imperative that you know how to remove bacteria from drinking water before you ingest it.

If you are faced with a natural disaster and must disinfect your own water, the best option is commercially produced water purification tablets. These chemical tablets are effective at killing bacteria, thus making it safe to drink. It is important that you follow the directions to the letter and that you allow the treated water to sit for the required time before ingesting.

You can also boil the water to kill bacteria and other organisms. Make sure you allow the water to remain at a full, roiling boil for at least three minutes. While boiling water to remove bacteria may seem old fashioned, it is still one of the most effective ways to disinfect suspect water.

Consumers may also want to look into purchasing an emergency water filter for use during times of natural disasters or loss of water supply. It is imperative that consumers understand, however, that not all water filters will disinfect water. Many water filters are designed to only remove mineral content or other elements such as fluoride or chlorine. Do not use this type of water filter if you need to disinfect your water.

Now, the good news is there are other types of water filters that are effective at disinfecting water. These water filters will list disinfection as part of their capabilities. Many of these are designed for use in emergency conditions and work without electricity.

Also under the topic of how to remove bacteria from drinking water is the use of chlorine bleach. In case of an emergency, you may have to resort to using unscented, household chlorine bleach to disinfect your water. Use two drops of bleach for each one quart of water. Mix the solution well and allow to sit for 30 minutes before ingesting. When using this method, you should be able to detect a slight chlorine taste in the water. If you do not, add one more drop to the water and allow to stand for another 30 minutes. The residual taste of chlorine shows that all bacteria has been removed, leaving a little of the chlorine left over, which is what you taste.

by: Chris Tracey


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