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Wednesday, June 22, 2011
In 2011, the US was slammed with hundreds of tornadoes, nationwide. These massive storms caused havoc and took scores of lives. In addition to the destruction they caused, they also damaged many water sources and water delivery systems. Because loss of safe drinking water can cause illness and death, it is important that all consumers be prepared in case they, too, lose access to safe drinking water.

Tornadoes are only one natural disaster that can cause water treatment plants to go offline. Hurricanes, floods, and snow storms can also cause households to lose their incoming water supply. The good news is there are options consumers can take now to be better prepared in case an emergency occurs.

Chemical Water Purifiers

Water purifiers are not the same as water filters. Water purifiers are normally sold as tablets which are placed into the water itself. These chemical water purifying tablets are considered highly effective in killing bacteria and viruses. Because of their size, they are very portable.

Chemical water purifiers will not remove what is known as organic material unless an additional device, such as a portable water filter, is also used However, it is important to realize that it is the bacteria and viruses in water that make people sick and these chemical purifiers will kill off the vast majority of organisms found in water.

Non-Chemical Water Filters

Another way to get safer drinking water in an emergency is to use non-chemical water filters. This can be done by filtering the water through an effective electrostatic charged material. Most of these devices use either a small pump or they work through simple gravity feed.

Today, consumers can find these types of emergency water filters as part of water bottle devices. In other words, the filter is part of the water bottle itself. Many of these filters are capable of eliminating bacteria and organisms that iodine or chlorine does not kill.

Boiling Water

Lastly, boiling water will kill off bacteria and organisms. It is important that the water be brought to a full boil and allowed to remain boiling for at least three minutes. It is often a good idea to strain the water through a handkerchief or other similar porous material before boiling. This will remove a great deal of any debris that may be in the water. Keep in mind that straining does not kill off or remove harmful bacteria.

A good solution for consumers is to have a combination of water purification tablets as well as a portable water filter system as part of their emergency supply kit.

by: Chris Tracey


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