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Tuesday, May 3, 2011
First off we need to get the idea of a shower filter removing fluoride from your shower out of the way, they will not remove fluoride they might reduce very little and for a very short time. Fluoride is hard to remove from water; you need a special fluoride removing media to reduce fluoride in your water. A shower filter is just too small of a filter to accommodate enough media, and the flow of water coming out of your shower is just too fast meaning that your water will not have enough contact time with the media.

So these venders telling you that their shower filters will remove fluoride from your shower with a fluoride shower filter is just false. With people getting more aware of how bad fluoride is for you, there are companies and vendors taking advantage of you the consumer and trying to make a quick buck off of you. We believe this is WRONG we will not and have never told a customer that a filter will do something that it won’t. Now don’t get me wrong maybe the seller really believes that the shower filters they sell will remove fluoride, but they should do a little more research.

Sprite Shower Filters:

Sprite shower filters are great shower filters they offer a wide range of models from hand-held shower filters to standard shower filters you can also get one that is a shower filter and a shower head all-in-one. Sprite uses KDF media that most all shower filters use as it reduces chlorine in a wide range of temperatures. They also us a media called Chlorgon that is exclusive to Sprite shower filters that removes chlorine.

What does a Sprite shower filter reduce from my shower water?

Chlorine:  99% when new as it reaches its capacity limit this amount is reduced to around 75%

Dirt and sediment:  Reverse filter cartridge to flush out cartridge of sediment and also helps prevent channeling.

Scale: It will reduce some scale but don’t expect it to remove it all.

Iron Oxide

And of course odors. Sprite shower filters are also PH balanced.

We have sold lots of Sprite shower filters in the last 4 years and have had very few get returned. They are built very well and they do what they are supposed to do. Our top selling Sprite shower filters are the High out-put shower filters and the original hand-held shower filters.

Sprite shower filters will filter your water for anywhere from 3 months to 1 year, depending what model you purchase. Most all of Sprite shower filters are also NFS/ANSI certified. There is a one year warranty on all sprite shower filters. All in all Sprite shower filters are high quality and get the job done.

Rainshow’r Shower Filters:

Rainshowe’r is another high quality shower filter they are made in the good old USA. This is another shower filter we sell a lot of and our customers are happy with.  Rainshow’r use KDF and Crystal Quartz in their shower filters. The KDF reduces the chlorine by 90% or more and the Crystal Quartz gives the water a energy enhanced feel and much better lathering of soaps.Rainshowe'r shower filters are also PH balanced

The Rainshow’r shower filters will filter for 6 to 9 months. You can get them without a shower head so you can use your own. Or you can get them with a designer or massage shower head. Rainshow’r shower filters are NSF/ANSI certified. 

Crystal Quest Shower Filters:

Crystal Quest shower filters are also a good quality shower filter; again we have sold lots of them. We have had problems with their hand-held shower filters they just aren’t as good of quality as the Sprite Hand-held shower filters. The hoses seem to blow out a lot and the switch on them to switch from massage to regular spray seems to have problems with them also.

But their regular shower filters are great, we have had a few of the screens blow out of the filter cartridge in the shower filter but only a few, if this does happen Crystal Quest is great about sending you a new cartridge. But if you purchase from us Quality Water Filters 4 You we prefer you to contact us if you have any problems as we like to take care of our own customers.

Crystal Quest uses KDF and Carbon in their shower filters. Again the KDF will reduce 95% or more of chlorine and some heavy metals. The carbon will reduce chemical compounds like herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and things like that now I do not believe it will reduce a big percentage of the chemical compounds as carbon is a great media for drinking filter systems as you hook them up to your cold water line. Carbon does not work well in hot water like your shower environment, but like I said I am sure it reduces some but for how long and how much I don’t. But even at that the Crystal Quest shower filters are still good shower filters as they do have the KDF in them to reduce the chlorine as I pointed out earlier that is really what a shower filter is for anyways. Crystal Quest shower filters are also PH balanced

So there is my view on the Sprite, Rainshow’r and Crystal Quest shower filters. Just remember they are a small filter and are meant to reduce chlorine from your shower filter. So be leery of claims of shower filters that will remove fluoride and everything else that might be in your water.

This is just a few of the shower filter brands we offer. We also offer Pelican and Austin Springs shower filters. You can find all the shower filters we offer on our shower filters page 

by: Chris Tracey


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