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Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Do you live in a city or town that is over 100 years old? A surprising number of American cities and towns were founded in the 1800's; some earlier than that. As these locations begin to age, drinking water safety becomes an issue. Water filters and other filtration systems can help protect your family when the infrastructure below your streets begins to decay.

The adage that "nothing lasts forever" is certainly true when it comes to water and sewage pipes that were laid underground decades and decades ago. Many cities and towns have been able to replace their pipes completely, but other cities, such as New York, Boston, Detroit, and Los Angeles have not.

The issue of drinking water safety comes into the picture when these old pipes begin to leak, seep, or crack. There was a time when sewage pipes and water pipes were laid virtually on top of each other or side by side. If a sewage pipe should develop a crack or a leak it can, under certain conditions, contaminate the drinking water that may be flowing in another nearby pipe.

The belief that city water cannot become contaminated is simply not true. There have been several outbreaks of illnesses in recent years caused by water distribution systems becoming contaminated. One way to protect your family from this possibility is to install water filters in your home or office.

Water filters can be purchased in a variety of models and for a variety of purposes. Some water filters are able to catch microorganisms that cause illness in humans. Others can be used to remove chlorine taste and odor from water, and others can be used to filter out sediment and mineral content from water.

Many modern water filters can perform more than one job. Residents of older cities and towns may wish to look into these multi-purpose water filters as they offer much more protection against a whole host of contaminants. Water filters can be purchased that attach directly to the tap (point of use water filters), can be installed in-line with the water line, installed under counters and sinks, and even whole house water filtering systems are available.

One caution to keep in mind if you live an older city or town is that many times a leak or seepage problem may not become known for a long time. When this happens, contamination of drinking water becomes a real possibility.

You may also want to look into installing water filters if the building you live in is old. Older buildings often have lead, copper, and sediment issues that can be solved with water filters.

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by: Chris Tracey


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