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Friday, August 27, 2010
The fast-moving and stressed life has made everyone to discover an approach to relax their mind and soul, and it will not be inaccurate to imply that shower head filters are one of the best methods of calming oneself.

The fact is, surveys has proven that numerous folks have installed shower head filters as they simply truly feel relaxed and charged up after showering under it. Moreover, scientists have proven that implementing shower filters have brought down the level of tension and stress.

How shower filters are useful?

If you're ready to use a shower filter, go ahead and invest some extra money and buy a shower filter so you get a purified supply of water to clean and relax your body.

The domestic water could have certain percentage of numerous toxins. These kinds of chemical are threatening to one's physical health and even beauty. Chlorine is such a substance thats generally added to water for purification.

Nevertheless, chlorinated water poses severe threats to the body. Chlorinated water may harm cells, cause heart problems, irritation to nose and throat, artery hardening.

It may also result in bladder and cancer of the breast, breathing problems and difficulties with asthma and bronchitis. In fact, chlorine can also be a major factor in fatigue.

As a result, it becomes a necessity to use shower filters, as chlorine content can be removed from the water and also other germs, chemicals and pollutants, therefore minimizing the potential risks of numerous health worries.

Furthermore, applying shower filters can help in lessening other chlorine related dangers. Chlorine in water escalates additional various external conditions, including drying up and damaging of skin.

Dryness in skin contributes to ageing wrinkles, losing of natural moisture and rashes. The use of shower filters, it will save you from the various skin related complications, but it also will enhance the glow of one's skin, skin elasticity, healthy moisturized lustrous hair as well as help you in relaxing your muscles. After you install shower filters, you will definitely soon be aware of the merits and feel the difference.

The working of shower filters

Shower filters have cartridges, which ordinarily last for 3 to 12 months. However this is definitely dependent on the manufacturer and the number of times used.

The task of the filters is generally broken into 3 basic stages. Within the 1st stage, the filter eliminates the pollutants and the chlorine content within the water. Within the second stage the smaller pollutants and dissolved harmful particles are eliminated, within the third stage the foul odor and taste of the water is lessened.

Types of shower filters

Shower filters can be found in number of forms and features. These filters are portable, handy and very attractively designed providing you the possibility to pick from a variety of options. Before going to buy a shower head filter on the net, you should have a basic idea about the range of different types available.

Shower head filters are commonly found in 2 different media of filtration, that are Coconut Shell Carbon Carbon and KDF.

The Coconut Shell Carbon Carbon media reduces the intake of man-made toxins in water. There are several shower filters that includes coconut based carbon, which you can buy. Carbon is a absorbent media.

On the other hand, the KDF shower filters remove chlorine from water via electrochemical process and are also generally bacteriostatic in nature.

They will stop both fungal and mold growth in the shower filter. KDF shower filters turns the chlorine into a non-toxic chloride compound, which the carbon shower filters can not.

For best results you should purchase shower filters that has carbon and KDF media in them.

by: Chris Tracey


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