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Friday, July 2, 2010
Virtually every diet plan includes the advice to drink plenty of water. Normally, they suggest up to eight glasses a day. Not bad advice, but before you begin ingesting that much water, you may want to consider installing a simple, affordable water filter.

It is no secret that water is an essential component to good health. Our bodies need water for a variety of reasons. When a human body is properly hydrated, metabolism improves and chemical reactions take place more efficiently. So, there is no debate that water is good for us.

But this does not mean that water does not have its own issues, namely, water-borne contaminates. It only serves common sense that the more water one drinks the more contaminants one is ingesting. This potential hazard can be alleviated easily enough with water filters.

When it comes to dieting and water filters, consumers have a lot of options these days. In many respects, these options are better than buying bottled water which can be very expensive and offers no real added protection over the tap water you now have.

By installing a simple water filter at one or more taps, dieters can get the best possible water and feel safe drinking the amounts they need.

The reason in-home water filters are so important is because they catch contaminants that make it through to the home. Bacteria, organics, minerals and other types of unwanted matter can be caught at the tap, thus significantly reducing the homeowner's exposure to these types of materials.

Some of the best news concerning in-home water filters is that modern technology has made them available in a wide variety of styles, models, and prices. For just a few dollars, dieters can install a quality water filter at the main tap for drinking water or for a few more dollars install filters throughout the home.

When one considers the potential health benefits to adding water filters to the home, the cost becomes negligible. If considered over the long term, water filters are a fraction of the cost of bottled water and filters offer far better protection than any brand of bottled water when it comes to being clean and pure.

It has been suggested by some that dehydration brings on hunger pangs. And, as we all know, when we feel hunger we are more tempted to eat. For those on a diet, this can cause problems.

And so the dilemma begins. Dieters need to drink more water but they also need to protect themselves from any increased exposure to water-borne contaminants. The answer is water filters. It really is that simple.

When shopping for quality water filters it is important to ensure that you are buying from a reliable and honest vendor. There are filter rip-off's being offered on the Internet and you need to avoid buying those at all costs. Shop with a vendor who has a history of selling top quality water filters and you will avoid disappointment.

by: Chris Tracey


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