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Friday, July 9, 2010
It is no secret that homeowners who live near landfills can be at risk to water contamination. Landfills can contaminate water sources that are both above ground and underground. Consumers who live near landfills, or water sources that are located near these fills, should be cautious about the water they drink and consider the use of quality water filters as an added layer of protection.

As mentioned above, landfills can contaminate water supplies in two ways. The first is via percolation.

Landfills can easily become saturated with moisture. Rainfall is the most common cause of saturation, but there are other ways such as snow melts. In addition, much of the material that is placed into landfills will produce its own moisture that trickles down into the soil.

Moisture that seeps down through landfill matter often continues to seep into the soil. As it continues downward, it can enter underground aquifers. These same aquifers may be used by municipal water companies or those who get their water from private wells.

The second way landfill moisture can contaminate water is via run off. Run off is simply excessive moisture that flows out of the landfill, on the surface, and into waterways such as rivers, streams, and lakes.

Again, surface water is often used by city water treatment plants which may be located downstream from the landfill or the point of entry of the contaminated moisture.

In both cases, contamination via seepage or run off, the contaminant matter found in landfill moisture can be hazardous to anyone's health. In addition to bacteria and other forms of organic matter, the fluid may also contain heavy metals such as lead and copper, chemical waste, and other types of toxic materials.

Newly constructed landfills often anticipate these types of problems and design the site to prevent seepage and run off. Older landfills, however, rarely have the needed design structures to prevent either. It should also be noted that even abandoned landfills, those not in use any longer, can pose a threat to water safety for decades.

Many homeowners simply do not want to take chances with their family's health. One way to combat possible contamination from landfills is to install quality water filters in the home.

Quality water filters can trap and remove many of the contaminates often found in both groundwater and surface water. Water filters are both affordable and easy to install. The use of water filters can be especially important for those who get their water from private wells. These wells are normally not regulated or tested by state water authorities and are subject to contamination that the homeowner may not even realize until it is too late.

by: Chris Tracey


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