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Friday, June 11, 2010
There has been some debate as to whether or not the drinking water on cruise ships is safe and free from contaminants. It is no secret that over the last few years many outbreaks of illnesses have occurred on cruise ships. Some experts, usually those on the payroll of the cruise ship, suggest that these outbreaks are caused by events not associated with the ship's drinking water or food preparation techniques. Other experts disagree.

One of the main culprits when it comes to cruise ship illnesses is the norovirus. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) numerous passengers have been affected by this particular contaminant in either food or drinking water ingested on cruise ships. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this particular type of gastroenteritis is transmitted by the fecal-oral route via contaminated water and foods.

The FDA has said the water contamination is one of the main causes of norovirus and that simply cleaning rooms and bathrooms is not the solution to preventing these outbreaks.

In one report, the CDC said that nearly 600 passengers became ill on two consecutive cruises hosted by the same cruise line. This would suggest the possibility of either water contamination or food contamination or both.

Consumers have a right to be informed when it comes to their health and a good source for additional information can be seen at: http://www.cruisejunkie.com/outbreaks2010.html where you can get a breakdown on how many people (passengers and crew) have fallen ill onboard ships.

So, does this mean you should avoid sailing? Absolutely not! Virtually all lines offer bottled water to their passengers. The price per bottle is often very high, and passengers may want to bring their own with them to avoid this added charge.

Also, passengers can purchase very affordable portable water filtering devices to take with them during their cruise. Some of the most affordable and easy to carry are the pitcher-type filters that passengers can use in their rooms to filter water that comes out of the tap. These pitcher-type water filters come in a variety of styles and price ranges.

Before purchasing any type of water filter to be used on cruise ships, read the product literature to ensure it will remove as many contaminants as possible. Consumers may also wish to call the cruise line to find out where the water storage tanks onboard the ship will be filled. You should not simply assume that water storage tanks are filled in the US. Some may be filled in foreign ports of call where water safety levels are not as stringent as they are in States.

By taking a few simple and affordable precautions before sailing, you can help keep yourself and family happy and fit during your vacation.

by: Chris Tracey


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