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Wednesday, May 19, 2010
We have all heard of water filters, and many of us have either already purchased one or plan to do so in the future. But like everything else, consumers must do their research before they make a purchase. Water filters come in a variety of quality levels, from top grade to counterfeit knock-off's, and you need to know what you are buying. Your family's health depends on your decision, so making the right choice is crucial.

Let's begin by stating a simple, albeit unpleasant, fact. Some water filters and the companies that make them are defrauding the public. These devices can run from poorly constructed models that will not last long at all, to other models that do not even filter water effectively, even though they say they do. These are cheap, ineffective devices produced by unethical companies.

Why would they do this? Money. The in-home water filter industry has boomed over the last decade or so, and these companies want to cash in on this business. They can do this by exaggerating their claims or by producing low-quality devices or both. Many of these companies are based overseas where it is easy to get cheap labor and cheap parts and exporting laws are lax, to say the least.

When you are shopping for a water filter (of any size), always look for the tell-tale signs of possible trouble:

Unsubstantiated Claims of Performance: Water filters they simply say they can remove contaminants or say that they provide clean, safe water and do not also include any test data to back those claims up should be avoided. High-quality water filters have been tested and rated by third-party agencies and these ratings and approvals are always put on the device as proof of testing. Devices that do not have these testing and rating seals are suspect.

Consumer Reviews and Reports: It is an easy matter to use the Internet to get information from past buyers of a device to see what they think. If you find a product that has several negative comments about it made from different people, you can assume the product is suspect and should not be purchased.

Government Reviews: It is also possible to find reviews and reports published by governmental agencies. State and Federal sources often share information about water filter companies that are conning the public or making exaggerated claims about their products.

Vendor Integrity: One of the best ways to avoid buying knock off products is to buy through a reputable, reliable water filter vendor. These companies have already done the due diligence for you, and they will offer only name brands of high quality that are legit.

Spending a few minutes online to do some research will pay off handsomely when it comes to buying your water filter. By investing a few moments of your time, you can be assured that you are purchasing the best product for your family.

by: Chris Tracey


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