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Monday, April 19, 2010
As more and more consumers become aware of the possible health effects of ingesting or bathing in tap water, they also often wonder where these contaminants come from. There is no easy or single answer to that question. Contaminants find their way into both groundwater and surface water sources, and very few water sources are actually pristine and pure in their natural state.

One unfortunate fact associated with water contamination is that humans are responsible for much of it. The simple truth is that there are an ever-increasing number of activities that lead to water pollution and water contamination. Some of these activities include: improper disposal of chemicals, pesticide run off into surface water or seepage into groundwater sources, untreated waste from both humans and animals, improper disposal of household products and pharmaceuticals, industrial discharge, accidental spills, and deliberate discharge or spilling of dangerous products into surface water or onto the ground.

Contaminants that affect our water supply also come from nature. There are many naturally-occurring processes that lead to unhealthy water. For example, radon is a naturally occurring source of possible contamination. Most of the mineral content we find in water comes from natural processes as water flows over or through rock.

Some products we find in our tap water are actually deliberately added to the water supply by the treatment plant. These might include chlorine and fluoride.

The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that there are over 2000 known contaminants that can end up in water. This does not include the emerging contaminants which are, to date, still being discovered and researched.

It would be wonderful if we could say that all tap water is free of all contaminants, but that is simply not the case. Even the best treated water in the US will almost certainly still contain chlorine and fluoride. It is true that chlorine is vital to keeping water disinfected but once the water exits your faucet it is no longer needed. The ingestion of chlorine and its by-products can cause health issues and must be removed from the water prior to drinking it or showering in it. Fluoride is important for healthy teeth, but with modern toothpaste and mouthwash, most consumers do not need this added ingredient in their drinking water.

You have options. One such option is to install a quality water filter or to install a whole house treatment system. Point of Use water filters are very affordable and they are very effective in removing many contaminants from your tap water. Shower head water filters can remove dangerous chlorine from your bathing water and do so at a price that might surprise you.
If you are concerned about the water that enters your home, do yourself a favor and look into either Point of Use water filters or Point of Entry water treatment systems. The sooner you protect your family from contaminated water the better.

by: Chris Tracey


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