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Friday, April 23, 2010
There has been a lot of press and buzz about the safety and purity of drinking water as it comes out of the tap in the average home. This article looks at some of the benefits associated with filtering your drinking water.

1. Many consumers who use high-quality water filters often report that their drinking water tastes better than their unfiltered tap water. Along with better taste, they also report fewer odors due to the removal of chlorine from their tap water.

2. Water filters are excellent options for those who need to remove lead from their drinking water. A high-quality point-of-use water filter will effectively remove lead from drinking water, thus protecting your family from lead's harmful effects on the body.

3. When compared to the repeated cost of buying bottled water, a good countertop water filter pays for itself in less time than one might imagine.

4. Drinking water that has been properly filtered can help reduce the chances of colon cancer, rectal cancer, and bladder cancer as water filters remove harmful chlorine and chlorine byproducts from municipal tap water.

5. Not all minerals found in drinking water are harmful. Some minerals are needed by the body. A quality, solid-block, carbon water filter can be used to remove dangerous minerals and contaminants from drinking water while allowing healthy minerals to remain.

6. Ingesting clean, pure, filtered water can help you stay healthy and properly hydrated. Because it tastes better than tap water, your family may be more inclined to drink more water.

7. Water filters can be used to provide you with clean, fresh cooking water. It is important to remember that your cooking water is ingested into the body just as drinking water is.

8. Tap water that has been filtered properly can lead to a reduction of gastrointestinal diseases. It does this by removing harmful Giardia and Cryptosporidium parasites and cysts from your family's drinking water.

9. Young children are especially vulnerable to water contaminants and organisms. Filtered water is the best option family's have in protecting kids from these health risks.

10. Water filters can remove fluoride from municipal drinking water. Most city water contains fluoride that is added to the water at the treatment plant. Some people prefer to not have this added chemical in their drinking water for health reasons. Quality water filters can effective remove fluoride.

These are just a few of many benefits you get when you use quality water filters for your drinking water. To learn more about water filters and how they can help your family, contact a reliable vendor.

by: Chris Tracey


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