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Monday, April 12, 2010
Millions of dollars are spent every year on bottled water. The reason so many people are spending so much money on bottled water is simple: they do not feel safe drinking their tap water. What many people do not realize is that bottled water is often just tap water that has been filtered. With this often being the case, why pay 10-30 times more for a glass of water than you have to? You can filter your own water, and it is far easier than you might imagine.

It is no secret that municipally treated tap water has some issues. Chlorine, fluoride, and undesired minerals are just a few of the many issues associated with tap water these days, and many consumers want a better choice when it comes to their drinking, cooking, and bathing water. This is where water filters come into play.

For a fraction of the cost of paying for bottled water over time, you can purchase water filters that often do a better job of cleaning your water than what you get from outrageously expensive pre-bottled water. Depending on your location, quality of water, and budget you can select from a wide variety of water filters that are highly effective and very economical. For many homes, water filters provide the healthiest solution to the problems associated with both tap water and bottled water.

You may not know this, but quality water filters can remove more contaminants from your tap water than any other purification method. Best of all, modern water filters have been designed to work with virtually all types of municipally treated water. Water filters can remove Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts from drinking water, and provide a better tasting and smelling water to boot. They can remove the added fluoride that treatment plants inject into water, and they can also eliminate chlorine and chorine by-products from both drinking water and water that is used for showering and bathing.

In addition to providing safer, cleaner drinking water, water filters are much more environmentally friendly than bottled water products. Let's face it, the end result of a bottle of water is an empty bottle that more often than not ends up in a landfill. Water filters are also incredibly energy efficient. Many models require virtually no power at all. And for those on a budget, water filters come in a wide range of prices.

A few decades ago, consumers had good cause to shy away from in-home water filters. They were bulky, expensive, ugly, and slow. But that has all changed. Today, you can find both point of use water filters and point of entry water filtration systems that can meet just about any need, budget, and décor style.

Do yourself a favor. Calculate how much you spend on bottled water per month or per year, and then go online and see what type of water filter you can purchase for that same amount. You might be completely surprised at how much you can get for your money when it comes to high-efficiency, in-home water filters.

by: Chris Tracey


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