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Friday, January 15, 2010
Is there a shower filter that will remove fluoride from my shower water? At this time we do not know of any shower filters on the market that will remove fluoride from your shower water. Fluoride is hard to remove from your water, a shower filter is so small that you would not be able to fit enough media in the filter to do any good at filtering the fluoride out; the water would not have enough contact time with the media to do any good.

Can Fluoride be absorbed through my skin? Some say that fluoride can be absorbed and others say it can’t be absorbed through the skin. There just have not been enough studies to know for sure, so we do not make any claims either way as we do not no for sure. Now on the other hand there are fluoride filters for your drinking water that work very well at removing fluoride, they can remove 95% or more. So if you are concerned about fluoride in your drinking water you might consider a countertop or under sink fluoride filter.

Crystal Quest has 6, 7 and 8 stage countertop and under sink fluoride plus water filters that remove fluoride and hundreds of other contaminants from your drinking water, you can also get a fluoride filter for your refrigerator. They have fluoride removing media, KDF, ion exchange resin media and coconut shell carbon in them.

Crystal Quest also has a portable 10 stage reverse osmosis system that will remove 95% or more of fluoride from your water along with hundreds of other contaminants. These are nice because you can take them were ever you go and have contaminant free water. They also have an add on cartridge you can get to put all the good minerals back in the water, as a reverse osmosis removes good and bad.

LivingWaters also has a 5 stage fluoride countertop and under sink water filter that remove 95% or more of fluoride, bacteria and other contaminates from your drinking water.

by: Chris Tracey


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