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Thursday, September 10, 2009
Is your drinking water free from lead? Do not panic if you think it is not. If the water you use contains lead and is unsafe, then here are some handy tips to get rid of it.

Lead is a powerful neurotoxin that accumulates in your body and causes blood and brain disorder. As lead is very often found in drinking water, think about the real harm it can do to the health of your family and you. Babies and children are the major victims of lead poisoning and research says that nearly 10% to 20% children in the world face harmful lead content in drinking water.

How can you purify the water from lead content?

Now, once you are sure of the fact that your water contains lead; you drastically want to get rid of it, is it not? Well the easy tips, which will help in your endeavor are as follows:

Before you purify the water of lead contaminants, you must first find out whether it really contains lead or not. Then you must hunt the source of lead in your water. You can do it by hiring a licensed water contractor, who will check your well or water pump. Once the source is identified, you should try to remove it.

One of the most common methods of water purification is boiling. However, when you want to purifying water from lead do not apply this method. When you boil water, it evaporates and as the water content becomes less, it increases the level of lead content in it. In that case, how do you get lead-free water? A simple and cost effective method of doing this is by flushing out the water system before using it. After flushing, you can get somewhat lead free drinking water for your family.

However, the best and most effective scientific method you can take advantage of, is by acquiring a filter for your home. Filters come with several forms - reverse osmosis filters, distillation filters, carbon filters and others. Make sure to choose one that best suits your budget and requirement.

Are you lead poisoned? Find out yourself

Sluggish responses and weakness in your child can be early signs of lead poisoning. Are you suffering from short temper, insomnia, constipation, lack of appetite or unusual cramps? Then don’t neglect yourself! Visit a doctor immediately to verify whether you are lead poisoned. Among several dangerous effects of lead poisoning, causing anemia, damaging male reproductive system, wrecking the nervous system and activating brain disorder are the prominent ones.

How to be cautious and stop lead poisoning in your family

Corroded water pipes can be a potential source of lead poisoning. If your drinking water comes through an old, corroded pipe don’t take any chances, just change it. The component of your water system can also cause lead poisoning like service connections, solder and brass fixtures that constitute your water system can bring in lead content in the water you consume.
As “prevention is better than cure,” and lead poisoning affects children the most, finding the root to the cause and getting rid of lead poisoning is utterly necessary.

by: Chris Tracey


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