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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If the water you cook with or drink requires filtering, what sense does it make to shower in the same tap water? Now, if you've already put in a filter for your kitchen, or if you have resorted to consuming bottled water, you could have overlooked putting in a shower filter so that you could be sure you are bathing with very clean water.

Shower filters are easy to install on shower heads, filtering an abundance of difference contaminants existing in tap water. Chlorine is a major contaminant in your shower water. Fortunately, a shower filter can easily remove this dangerous chemical. A hot shower produces heat which vaporizes chlorine and chloramine. Because chlorine is easily absorbed through the skin or inhaled in air, people with asthma are especially prone to having breathing difficulties.
This could also make your hair as well as skin very dry, and it is related to weak hair as well as skin irritation. In regions with high levels of chlorine in the water source, you may feel fatigued after your shower, as the chlorine has bonded with other chemicals, creating chloroform. If this is indeed the case, then the shower filter is needed to make the shower water safe to use.

Also, there exist many other contaminants that a lot of people do not think about, as they cannot be seen by the human eye. Heavy metals, sediment, and bacteria can all be found in tap water. Different contaminants in the water you use could be as dangerous, however you may not even realize they exist, until you filter them out and discover how much better your skin and hair feel. Even high-end car washes filter water to prevent leaving residue on car windows. Why would you want this same contaminated residue left on your body? The shower filter will take out these contaminants from the water supply.

There are many dangers to showering without using a shower filter. Contaminants do get absorbed in the body through drinking water, as well as absorption through the skin and inhaling vaporized air when showering. A hot shower opens your pores as it vaporizes contaminants, causing absorption through the skin. As a result, exposure to harmful contaminants may be greater when showering than when actually drinking water. The shower filter will eliminate them, leaving you with a source of clean and healthy water to use.

Selecting a pH balanced shower filter will help maintain your skin. You can get them in all sorts of different styles, and it is easy to find massaging shower heads and hand-held sprayers. You may discover a shower filter that fits your needs, at least in terms of style and features. Filtered water is critical for your health, however it needs to be convenient for it to be used. After you have put in a shower filter, you will use the shower as you normally would use it, requiring no change in your schedule to receive the benefits of showering in very clean water.

by: Chris Tracey


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