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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Have you ever imagined that the chlorine that you use for purifying water can be harmful for your health? Well do not be shocked. There are some remedies to tackle this problem. Chlorine is commonly used for removing bacteria or harmful chemicals that accumulates in your water distribution system. However, when it mixes up with other natural elements in the water it may form harmful toxins called trihalomethanes, which is extremely harmful for human health.

Some harmful diseases caused by chlorine

While on one hand, you use chlorine to save yourself from different health hazards, on the other hand, you become prone to other severe ailments like, asthma, bladder cancer, heart problem and eczema due to repetitive consumption of chlorinated water.

Too much of chlorine intake can also be the cause of cancer in your liver, stomach, colon and rectum. Some other chronic diseases are also the cause of chlorine intake, like anemia, high blood pressure, etc. There are several evidences of miscarriages in pregnant woman due to chlorine consumption. Skin problem and severe hair loss can be the consequence of chlorine poisoning too, because chlorine reduces protein content in your body.

So how do you purify water without using chlorine?

Considering the extremely dangerous diseases that are caused by chlorine, you would undoubtedly want to get rid of it. Since chlorine is the universally accepted purifier for water, you are sure to find it in water supply, therefore you don’t need to apply any method to check if your water has it. So, how can you consume your water excluding the chlorine from it? Researchers have found out that Ozone can be used as an alternative to chlorine for water purification. In spite of knowing this remedy, only few Canadian and European cities have been able to implement the method.

So how do you purify the water if you do not stay in any of these places? Here are some easy ways to do it.

Using an effective filtration system for your home can be an easy and cost effective alternative for you to purify it. Buying a carbon filter can be a smart option, as not only does it helps to remove chlorine content from your water, but also removes other harmful elements. However, be sure to buy it from an authentic dealer in order to avoid taking chances. The good thing about carbon filters is that they also remove the pungent smell and bad taste of chlorinated water, thus making it fit for drinking.

Remember that chlorinated water can affect your health even if you do not consume it. It enters your body after being absorbed by the pores on your skin. Thus, to make sure that you are not affected by the contaminant, install a filtration system in your bath too.

Finally, be cautioned that though chlorine is a government approved water purifier; do not take chances with your precious health. Get your water doubly disinfected by even removing the chlorine in it.

by: Chris Tracey


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