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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Q. What size are the shower filter and the size of the end that screws to the pipe?
A. Shower filter input size 1/2", filter size 8" x 3".

Q. Does Crystal Quest shower filters remove fluoride?
A. Shower filters won’t remove fluoride; you will need whole house for that.

Q. How often should I reverse the Crystal Quest shower filter cartridge?
A. Shower filters should be reversed at least every 2 months; it keeps contaminants cleaned out and backwashes the filter keeping it from channeling for a better filtration process.

Q. Will bacteria be removed with the use of a shower filter?
A. Yes, hot water kills bacteria

Q. How much chlorine is removed with the Crystal Quest Bath Ball?
A. 90% or better, the slower you run the water through the bath ball the better the results.

Q. How much chlorine does the Crystal Quest Shower Filters Remove?
A. Around 95% of chlorine is removed.

Q. What media does Crystal Quest Shower Filters have in them?
A. They have KDF 55, KDF 85 and coconut shell carbon.

Q. How long will the Crystal Quest Shower Filters last?
A. They will last about a year depending on how bad your water is.

Q. Will my shower head fit on the shower filter?
A. Yes standard shower heads will fit on your shower filter.

Q. How long will the Crystal Quest Bath Ball last?
A. They will last about 1 year (200 baths)

by: Chris Tracey


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