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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crystal Quest fluoride water filters are an excellent choice if you want to remove fluoride and other contaminants from your drinking water. You can purchase one that has 6 stages, 7 stages or 8 stages of filtration.

What are the differences between the three systems?

The single canister 6 stage systems has 1 cartridge that has KDF 55, KDF 85, 2 one micron filter pads, coconut shell carbon and a media to reduce fluorides below 0.5 PPM. This system has a filtering capacity of 2,500 to 5,000 of great tasting contaminant free water.

The double canister 7 stage fluoride filter systems have two filter cartridges the first cartridge has the fluoride removing media in it and the second cartridge has a KDF 55, KDF 85, coconut shell carbon, 2 micron filter pads and instead of the fluoride removing media like the single canister filter it has an ion-exchange resin to reduce heavy metals and water hardness, as it has one whole cartridge for removing fluoride.

The three canister 8 stage fluoride filter systems has the same cartridges as the double 7 stage fluoride filters and also a coconut shell solid carbon cartridge for even more filtration. The 7 stage and 8 stage fluoride filters have a filtering capacity of 10,000 gallons of contaminant free water.

You can get Crystal Quest Fluoride Water Filters in the countertop version or the under sink version. You can also get the countertop version with a stainless steel finish.

You can get the 6 stage fluoride filter for around $86.00 and the replacement cartridges are around $54.00 the cartridge should last about 6 months that is about .30 cents a day for contaminant free water.

The 7 stage fluoride filter system is around $113.95 and the fluoride replacement cartridge is around $54.00 and the 6 stage cartridge is around $54.00. The cartridges will last 10,000 gallons 1 to 3 years. If they only last 1 year that is .30 cents a day for great tasting contaminant free water.

The 8 stage fluoride filter is around $127.95 and the fluoride replacement cartridge is $54.00, the 6 stage cartridge is $54.00 and the carbon block cartridge is $18.50. The cartridges will last about 10,000 gallons 1 to 3 years. So you will enjoy great tasting contaminant free water for around 0.35 cents per day.

by: Chris Tracey


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