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Quality Water Filters 4 You Posting Page
Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If you are looking for a quality countertop water filtration system then you should look in to getting a Crystal Quest countertop filter. Crystal Quest uses the latest technology in the water filtration industry. All of their water filters including the countertop water filtration systems are made with NSF certified filtration media, components, parts and materials.

You can get a Crystal Quest countertop water filtration system to fit your filtration needs, as they come with 6 stages, 7 stages or 8 stages of filtration. They have KDF 55, KDF 85, coconut shell carbon, ion exchange resin Medias in them. They also have 1 micron filter pads, 5 micron filter cartridge and solid carbon block cartridge, all depending what countertop system you purchase.

You can also get a Crystal Quest countertop water filtration system to remove fluoride, bacteria and arsenic. These filters will remove hundreds of other contaminants also, as you can get them with the fluoride cartridge, ceramic cartridge or arsenic cartridge plus a 6 stage cartridge and solid carbon block cartridge to remove hundreds of contaminants all depending if you purchase the 6 stage, 7 stage or 8 stage systems.

by: Chris Tracey


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