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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If you have been calculating over the best possible choice of the water filter for a long time now and if you have ultimately decided to buy the UV water filters, you have made the best choice to safeguard your family from the contaminants in their drinking water. Due to the extremely effective filtration procedure of the UV water filters it is increasingly becoming one of the most popular choices. The prime concept of using ultraviolet rays, or UV rays has been there for nearly a century. However there has been a revolution in the process and it has undergone perfection for providing you with the best UV water filters.

Working of an UV water filter

UV water filters function is a unique and interesting way. UV filters do not kill the microorganisms in the water but changes their basic DNA strands, which leaves them powerless to regenerate or reproduce. Hence, the UV water filters make your water safe for drinking by making the water borne bacteria inactive. The water retains its taste and beneficial minerals because the UV water filters do not alter the basic chemistry of the water.

Why other filtration techniques are not as good as UV water filters

The usage of chlorine in purifying drinking water has been often found out to be harmful to humans. It can even cause cancer. However, the UV water filters help you in purifying your water perfectly, without any harm being caused to your body. Moreover, the UV water filters are extremely simple to install in your home.

Have a look at the lamp watt of the UV water filters

The performance of your UV water filters depends on the power of the UV lamp and the gallon per minute of water you will be filtering through your UV water filters. A UV lamp is a special fluorescent lamp; it is very similar to the existing normal lamps used by you. A UV lamp is a special fluorescent lamp whose wattage depends on its brightness. A brighter UV lamp would be having a higher wattage. Thus, a UV water filter having a high wattage lamp would be more effective in destroying the water borne bacteria. So you need to make sure you get the right size UV filter for your water flow rate.

Check out that the UV water filters have performance indicators

Firstly, be sure that your UV water filter is equipped with a basic visual performance indicator and secondly it is more important to keep the indicator well maintained so that you are alarmed when the water filters have stop working. UV sensors fitted in some UV water filters can automatically indicate if the water supply fails or some defects are detected in the lamp.

by: Chris Tracey


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