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Tuesday, August 4, 2009
A fluoride filter is considered as a must have for every household who believes in safe and clean drinking water. There are multiple risks associated with fluoride water and if you are bit alarmed about the fluoride contamination in your drinking water, its time you grab a fluoride filter and experience the difference. The filter not only drives out the fluoride content from your drinking water but also acts as a smart solution in supplying healthy drinking water at basement price.

How can a fluoride filter be helpful?

Reports and studies have pinpointed that fluoride in water can be both a carcinogen and mutagen. Simultaneously, fluoride contamination is just one of a number of pollutants and other toxic materials that could be in your drinking water like arsenic, mercury, lead. Due to these risks of fluoride in your water, many scientists and researchers have condemned the fluoridation process of water supply as a faulty one.

The concentration of fluoride in your water could cause a condition called dental fluorosis that results in brown, pitted teeth. To be precise, you can face the threat of such fluorosis and get exposed to such ingestion, if you do not use a fluoride filter.

Moreover, you must remember that concentration of fluoride in your body is not limited to your teeth and bones alone, it spreads its tentacles to other internal organs, causing extensive damages. Scientists have made it clear after conducting certain lab test that even 1.0 part per million (ppm) of fluoride intake may be fatal for the baby when the mother is pregnant.

Fluoride can also damage a man’s health even leading to impotence. Excessive fluoride in a fertile man may lead to testicular damage. The worst part is that prolonged exposure to fluoride can cause death through fluoride poisoning and even cancer.

How different and unique is Fluoride filter from others

Most of the general water filters that are available in the market are not effective fluoride filters. If they are inspected minutely, you will understand about their effectiveness. Frankly speaking, they are not the right one, as they do not take out the fluoride completely from the water. Therefore, before you set up your mind to buy such filter, its time you understand about its range and types.

Fridge Fluoride filter - This type of filter can easily be attached to your refrigerator ice-cube maker and this is a great useful feature.

Undercounter Fluoride filter - The specialized type of undercounter fluoride filter comes with its own faucet and it can be fitted under the sink. So you don’t have a countertop water filter sitting on your counter.

Countertop Fluoride filter - This model is the simplest and the most affordable fluoride filter that can be attached to the faucet and it enables you to switch between filtered water and tap water.

Concisely, in a fluoride filter, you can have cartridges that are easily replaceable within minutes. You can get fluoride filters that will remove fluoride and hundreds of other contaminants from your drinking water, for healthy great tasting water.

by: Chris Tracey


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