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Thursday, August 27, 2009
Arsenic is an extremely poisonous metalloid found on the earth’s crust, which soaks into the earth’s layer and mixes up with the water that we consume. A research conducted by a Canadian Research Institute stated that a prolonged exposure to arsenic might cause bladder, liver and lung cancer.

Some health hazards caused by arsenic

If you are feeling lack of sensation in your limbs and feet, and your skin has become discolored then go and visit a doctor immediately, because these are some of the common symptoms of arsenic poisoning. Some dangerous effects of arsenic poisoning are that it decreases the production of blood vessels in your body, damages existing blood vessels, causes abnormal heart beats. Other than these, esophageal and abdominal pain, vomiting tendency and muscle cramp are some hazards of arsenic poisoning. Moreover, arsenic poisoning is extremely harmful for pregnant women and can even prove fatal in many cases.

If your drinking water is not free from arsenic then follow some of the handy tips to remove it from your water.

Remove arsenic from your water

Considering the massive effect arsenic can have on your health, you surely don’t want to drink water containing arsenic in it and be a victim to all the severe health hazards. So you have to purify the water before consuming it.

First, you need to find out whether your water has arsenic in it. Arsenic does not possess any identical smell or taste; thus, it would be difficult for you to find it out yourself. It is better if you call a person from the public health office of your region to conduct a test to identify the contaminant.

Now how do you purify the water if you find it containing arsenic in it? You have several options. A arsenic water filter can be a good purifying device. But don’t take chances; buy it from a reputed dealer only. Another option for you can be the chemical packets available in the market. You can mix these with your water. This is a cheaper, but a less effective option.

Save your drinking water from contamination

Once you know that your source of water is contaminated, the only option left for you would be to change the source of your drinking water. Rainwater or chemically processed surface drinking water can be used for drinking purposes, since they shall be free from arsenic.

Take preventive measures so that you do not imbibe this killing disease. Get yourself the best filtration option from an authentic source so that you can avoid the chance of being effected by the contaminant. Arsenic poisoning is always very harmful, but don’t panic. Keep your cool and follow the given tips to avoid contamination. If you are already a dweller of an arsenic prone place then take measures to stop being infected by it. You shall be able to avoid the most dangerous of diseases if you take instant action. Water is an important part of your life. Don’t take any chances regarding it because it affects the health and wellbeing of your family.

by: Chris Tracey


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