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Wednesday, August 5, 2009
If you are really worried about your family's health, get an inline refrigerator water filter and leave the rest to this smart device. No water contaminants or water borne diseases will reach your family. Water from the faucet is often used to make ice or cold water and therefore they have to be kept in a refrigerator. The inline refrigerator water filter serves all these purposes but it performs the task of water filtration stage by stage. The 1st stage involves dirt filtration; the second stage involves filtering and eliminating chlorine or its by-product by at least 75% from the water. The finals stage makes use of carbon filtration technique to remove lead, mercury and other various harmful chemicals that can cause cancer.

Drinking water from the faucet directly can involve great risk though this water is treated by municipality for reducing bacteria, mercury, dirt, and hydrocarbon compounds. But as it is distributed to households through pipes that are often rusty, dirty and aged. As a result the water that was treated again gets contaminated and makes it unsafe for your family. In these cases, the inline refrigerator water filter comes of handy as it removes turbidity from the water. The purified water is not only good for health but also good in taste.

Benefits of a inline refrigerator water filter

There are many benefits of an inline refrigerator water filter as it helps to get rid of lead, mercury, rust and many other impurities that are really harmful for your health. Other benefits include the fact that it is easy to install and can be mounted on water fountains, water coolers and even coffee makers. What makes it hugely popular is the fact that you don't have to dig into your pocket to purchase it. An efficient inline refrigerator water filter costs around $40-$100 and considering the fact that it filters as much as 6000 gallons of water, it is a great purchase.

An inline refrigerator is not only useful for your health as apart from serving you with pure water, it also helps in reducing the lime scale building up in the refrigerator, which actually protects the machine and its parts from being damaged. However, the inline refrigerator water filter also needs replacement after a certain point of time. The time to replace the inline refrigerator water filter can be identified once the filter produces water that has bad odor and taste. Once you notice odor or taste of the water turning different, its time to replace the filter. The longevity of the machine depends on factors like quality of water that is used in the refrigerator water dispenser. So to ensure your refrigerator dispenser last for years you should install a inline refrigerator water filter.

However, if you have a recent model refrigerator that has an ice-maker and a water-through-the door dispenser then you may have a inline refrigerator water filter in it. But still you can purchase an inline refrigerator water filter separately so you know you have a high quality filter. Good ones are readily available at reasonable price.

by: Chris Tracey


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