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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Whether you are a suburban or a city dweller, clean water supply is necessary to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. The water that you drink contains impurities, chemicals and other contaminants. If you are concerned about the water, you drink, then you must know that there are many options you can choose for filtering the water. Ceramic water filter is one such equipment, which is considered to be an effective option for purifying water of the dirt, bacteria, asbestos and debris. In fact with ceramic water filter, water can be clean and contaminant free. However, it does not remove the chemical contaminants of the water.

Advantages of ceramic water filter

Ceramic water filter makes the water free of bacteria and contaminants and it is healthy and good in taste. One of the most important benefits of any ceramic water filter is its capacity to retain the natural minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium, which the other filters may fail to do.

A domestic cost-effective ceramic water filter can be made by any artisan. Its affordable price has made it extremely popular in developing nations and rural areas. A ceramic filter does not need any technology to run on, thereby, making it easy to maintain.

In addition, ceramic water filters are easy to install, as it is both small and portable. You can keep your filter wherever you want.

Types of ceramic water filters

There are two varieties of ceramic water filter – one is the standalone usual candle type and the other is an in-line ceramic water filter. The candle type filter is seated on the top of the receptacle, fitted with a tap. These have pores, which are smaller than the impurities. Thus when water is poured in one side of the filter, all the impurities are easily blocked in the pores, making the water clean. The inline filters purify the drinking water that is supplied from household plumbing.

Working of a ceramic water filter

An average ceramic water filter has a filtration device kept on the top of a ceramic or plastic receptacle. The receptacle has a tap attached, which lets you get clear water. It is easy to maintain and you can clean this ceramic water filter with a soft brush and soap.

The contaminants and impurities are accumulated on the top half of a ceramic water filter. You will need to clean the top frequently to stop the growth of harmful bacteria and fungus.

The most common form of ceramic water filter comes with an inner chamber. The inner chamber holds the purified water. The gravitational force pulls the water through the ceramic filter. The filtered water is then accumulated into a holding chamber.

This filter is made of ceramic, having fine pores to trap dust and bacteria, thereby making the water safe and good flavored.

by: Chris Tracey


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