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Thursday, July 30, 2009

With life being a bit chaotic and demanding in this rat race environment, shower head filters are considered as one of the most trusted ways of relaxing your mind and soul. Due to its multifunctional performance and high utility, shower head filters seem to be the latest buzzword for every generation. Once you take a shower under a shower head filter, you will surely regard it as a priced experience.

Why people are investing in shower head filters

In the rush of modern lifestyle when it comes to relaxing your mind and soul, shower head filters needs no further introduction. Scientific studies have actually proved that purified stream of water by showers flush out your stress and worries that you face everyday, relaxing your muscles quite effectively. Therefore, when you are ready to install a shower head for your bathroom it is wise to shell out some extra bucks for shower head filters.

In most cities, it is found that the domestic water supply is treated with chlorine to make it safe for drinking and bathing purposes. However, have you ever thought how such chemical in your water can harm you? This chlorinated water sometimes prove hazardous leading to cell damage, heart disease, hardening of arteries, bladder and breast cancer, respiratory complications and irritation to the nose and throat. The shower head filters clear chlorine and make the water safe and consumable.

Shower head filters not only make you feel more relaxed and charged up, but also resists dryness of the skin, hair, rashes and wrinkles, caused by chlorine. The use of such filters can prevent the need for expensive moisturizers and lotions. In addition to enhancing skin elasticity and proper blood flow, shower head filters gift you with a skin aglow with moisturized and color treated hair.

Work efficiency of shower head filters

Shower head filters are provided with cartridges that have the life span of 3 to 12 months depending on the manufacturer and usage type. The work of the filter centers on three basic stages. In the first stage, water is cleaned from impurities and chlorine content. The second stage marks the removal and tiny impurities from water. While in the third stage, the foul odor and taste is eliminated from water.

A glance at various types of shower head filters

With shower head filters becoming popular in the range of bathroom accessories, innovative minds started nurturing its types, forms and features. These are mostly attractive, portable and handy so that you get a variety of options. Therefore, before online shopping, it is wise to have a glance at the categories of filters.

Shower head filters are generally available in three different medias for filtration - Granular activated carbon mode and KDF and vitamin c. The Granular Activated carbon mode lessens the concentration of synthetic chemicals in water. Well the shower head filters using KDF medium concentrates on eliminating chlorine from water through electrochemical process. Unlike the carbon mode, the KDF turns chlorine into a harmless chloride compound. The vitamin c eliminates chlorine and chloramines from your shower.

by: Chris Tracey

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Monday, July 27, 2009
The need to drink clean and pure water has made it necessary to use water filters. However, with the variety of choices that are available, it becomes difficult to settle for one. But if you are looking for something that comes with a reasonable price and serves your purpose well, then you should look at purchasing a countertop filter. Together with being useful against contaminants like chlorine and other harmful chemicals, the use, installation and replacement of a countertop filter are very simple.

Advantages of a countertop filter

Countertop filters being user-friendly have prompted many people to purchase one. A countertop filter can be considered a simple solution for purifying water running in your house. All you need to do is buy the filter, place it on a countertop, hook it to the faucet and you have pure drinking water in no time. For the first time users, it is better to follow the manual guide to understand the features and functions of the filter. In fact, you will not even need a license in plumbing for fitting this kind of filter. The installation is easy and hassle free.

Countertop filters come with multiple advantages. They effectively fight against the various contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals and other chemicals. Being user-friendly, coming at a cheap price, giving high-performances and high-end technology are some of the other advantages of the countertop filters.

Generally, these countertop filters have two varieties. For one, you need to change the cartridge, for the other type, no such changing is required as it is a disposable countertop filter. While the countertop filter requiring the change of cartridges, can last from 6 months to 3 years, the other type can withstand a life span of one to three years approximately.

Once you install a countertop filter in your house, you will soon taste the difference. They make the water good to taste and smell. A countertop filter helps you to drink pure and healthy water. As you know, chlorine is one of the most harmful elements that are found in water. Chlorine contaminated water has a nauseating smell and taste and is considered to be the prime cause for accelerating age. Moreover, chlorine is carcinogenic in nature, and may cause bladder cancer, colon cancer and rectal cancer. Not only installing a countertop filter will reduce cancer risks, but it will also reduce the risk of getting gastrointestinal disease by at least 33%. In addition, these water filters help to get rid of harmful contaminants and sediments making your water completely safe for you and your loved ones.

by: Chris Tracey

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