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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sprite shower filters use KDF and Chlorgon media in them to remove or reduce chlorine, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxides. Chlorgon is a Redox filtration media researched and patented by David Farley, CEO of Sprite Industries. Chlorgon converts free chlorine and some combined chlorines like swimming pool chlorine into harmless chloride. This media also works well in hot or cold water which works great for your shower.

Sprite shower filters also have KDF media in them to remove or reduce heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxides you can read more on KDF here. Most of Sprites shower filters are NSF #177 certified Sprites shower filters are PH balanced also. So if you have dry or flaking skin, dry brittle hair and red irritated eyes from chlorine or if your just worried about all the other health effects from chlorine like cancer of the bladder, liver, stomach, rectum, and colon, as well as heart disease you might consider a sprite shower filter to protect you and your family.


by: Chris Tracey


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