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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Did you know that water filtration should be one of your first thoughts when protecting the everyday safety of your water? Most people do not realize how dangerous their tap water can be. Your tap water is almost certainly contaminated; in fact, many cities actually add contaminants in the process of treating the water. Although some tap water has obvious signs such as a “rotten egg” smell or funny taste, even tap water that appears fine can have hundreds of kinds of microscopic contaminants. Water filtration is essential for removing these contaminants from your family’s water supply.

Today, many people are switching to bottled water to provide safe drinking water for their family. This can get expensive, and it’s not always the most convenient way to drink water. Most water filtration systems route the water directly to your faucet, making drinking filtered water as convenient as drinking regular tap water. Plus, you can filter the water that you use for showering, cooking, or feeding your pets, not just the water you drink.

There are many different water filtration methods; each removes a specific kind of contaminant from the water. Most water filters have several stages of filters for the water to pass through. For example, most water filtration systems begin with a filter to catch sand and other large particles. Then, carbon or ceramic filters remove other matter. More thorough filters use reverse osmosis to further clean the water.

Water filtration options include whole house filters, or those that attach to faucets, showers, and other points where you use water. Some are even portable, which is a great water filtration method to consider if you travel frequently. You can also install a water filtration system under your sink, on your countertop, or directly on a faucet or shower. Whole house systems filter the water as it enters your house, providing clean water to all of your water sources. As you can see, there are many water filtration methods from which you can choose.

Although most people focus on drinking water, it can be just as harmful to bathe in contaminated water or cook with it. In fact, some studies have found that bathing in chlorine contaminated water, which is quite common, may actually be more dangerous than drinking it. Showering in unfiltered tap water allows the contaminants to be absorbed into the skin; many are also vaporized by the heat of the shower, and you end up breathing them in.

After you install a water filtration unit, your water will be healthier and better tasting. At a fraction of the cost of buying bottled water, filtered tap water is safe for drinking, cooking, cleaning, showering, and other water uses.


by: Chris Tracey


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