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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A ceramic water filter is one option to remove water contaminants and bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Giardia Cysts,and streptococcus. Therefore your family and yourself will be protected from the unseen microorgamisms in your water that can be making you very ill. A clean water supply is essential for a healthy life, no matter where you live. If you live in an area with well water or lead pipes, or your water appears cloudy or has a funny smell or taste, then you certainly need a water filter. However, even if the water appears safe to drink it could still carry thousands of types of water contaminants. In fact, most tap water contains many different kinds of contaminants. A ceramic water filter is an easy way to filter your drinking water so that you can be sure it is safe to drink.

Although not every water filter will catch all of the different types of contaminants, a ceramic water filter is one of the most advanced types. Relying on the porous nature of ceramics to act as a strainer, such a filter is able to remove tiny impurities from your water. Unlike some other types of water filters, a ceramic water filter leaves behind minerals like calcium and magnesium, important for your well-being.

Many ceramic water filters are included with other kinds of filters, such as carbon filters, to increase their ability to catch the contaminants in your water. For example, you can purchase a 6, 7, 8 stage water filter for even cleaner water. Many ceramic filters also include a coating of silver to kill any bacteria that does make it through the ceramic water filter. These advanced filters are also built to work at a faster pace, giving you more water per hour. Although filtering enough water was previously a concern because a ceramic water filter could only filter at a rate of 1-2 liters per hour, newer filters can provide enough water for large families.

Ceramic technology is used in several kinds of water filters. There are plenty of options to suit every home. For example, a ceramic water filter can be found to sit under your sink or on your countertop. Water with contaminants is passed through the filter into a water dispenser, usually fitted with a tap to make using the filtered water very convenient. Convenience should be one of your main factors when deciding on a ceramic water filter, if the water is not convenient to use, your family will not use it. Many water filter units are also portable, which is a great idea if you enjoy camping, traveling, or other activities that take you away from safe water.


by: Chris Tracey


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