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Thursday, January 22, 2009

If your tap water requires filtering before you will drink it or cook with it, why would you want to shower in it? If you have already installed a filter in your kitchen, or have resorted to drinking bottled water, you may have overlooked installing a shower filter so that you can be sure you are bathing in clean water.

A shower filter is easy to install, and filters out hundreds of different contaminants in your tap water. One of the most important contaminants in your shower water is chlorine. Luckily, this harmful contaminant is easily filtered using a shower filter. Chlorine and chloramine are both vaporized in the heat of a shower. Easily absorbed through the skin or inhaled, chlorine can cause breathing difficulties, especially in people with asthma. It can also make your hair and skin overly dry, and is associated with weak hair and skin irritation. In areas with high concentrations of chlorine in the water supply, you may feel fatigued after your shower because the chlorine has bonded with other compounds, becoming chloroform. If this is the case, a shower filter is necessary to make your shower water safe to use.

There are many other contaminants that many people don’t think about because they cannot be seen. Your tap water may include heavy metals, sediment, or even bacteria. Other contaminants in your water may be just as dangerous, but you may not even realize they are there until you filter them out and realize how much better your skin and hair feel. Many high-end car washes filter their water so that it does not leave a residue on car windows. Why would you want the contaminants forming this residue when you take a shower? A shower filter will remove these contaminants from the water.

You face many dangers by showering without a shower filter. Water contaminants can find their way inside your body not only through drinking water, but also through skin absorption or inhalation when you shower in them. The hot water in a shower vaporizes many, and others are absorbed through your pores, which are open due to the heat of the shower. Because of this, you may actually be exposed to more harmful contaminants when you shower than when you drink the water. A shower filter will remove them, leaving you with a supply of clean and healthy water.

Choose a shower filter that is Ph balanced, which is better for your skin. They come in a variety of styles, including those with a massaging showerhead or handheld sprayer. You can find a shower filter that will suit your needs as far as style and features. Filtered water is important for your wellbeing, but it must be convenient in order to be used. After you install a shower filter, you will use the shower just as you normally would, requiring no change in your routine to get the benefits of showering in truly clean water.

by: Chris Tracey


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