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Sunday, January 25, 2009

If you want a way to filter your drinking water, consider a countertop filter. They are easy to install, with a simple on/off knob for your faucet. These filters take out literally hundreds of different contaminants, including chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, sediment, rust, and other microscopic particles. Even if your regular tap water tastes fine, it could still be filled with these tiny particles; for a healthier choice, choose filtered water. Some tap waters seem fine for drinking, but even these contain trace amounts of unwanted contaminants. Of course, it’s especially important to install a countertop filter if your regular tap water tastes funny, or if you live in a house with old pipes. Safe drinking water should be one of your top concerns as a homeowner.

A countertop filter is a great option if you usually drink tap water but would like a healthier choice. If you normally drink bottled water, a countertop filter can replace the many bottles of water you buy each month. In fact, did you know that bottled water is oftentimes more expensive than the gas you put into your car? Eliminate this expense by buying a filter which will provide more than just clean drinking water. The water that comes through the countertop filter can also be used for cooking, washing dishes, or watering your plants. In short, it filters all the water from your faucet, not just the water you are drinking.

Bottled water can literally cost you hundreds of dollars per month, and some bottled waters are just plain tap water. Know what you’re getting by installing your own countertop filter. Filters will last for years, saving you hundreds on your bottled water purchases and leaving you wish fresh and clean water flowing from your tap.

A countertop filter is easy to install near every sink in your house. The valve of the countertop filter simply fits together with any standard faucet. Water flowing out of the tap is filtered and then ready for use immediately for cooking, cleaning, or drinking.

Invest in the best countertop filter you can find to enjoy a steady supply of great tasting (not to mention even healthier!) water. You can even choose a countertop filter in a style that will blend seamlessly with your kitchen. There are many different types of filters inside the unit, including ones with 6, 7, or 8 stages of filtration. A countertop filter with multiple stages allows for the removal of multiple types of contaminants in your water.


by: Chris Tracey


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