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Monday, November 17, 2008

Lets talk about chlorine in the water while you shower. When you take a hot shower the chlorine in your water turns into a vapor which is easily breathed in through the nose and mouth. Chlorine is one of the causes of pulmonary edema, which affects your lungs. It can cause asthma and other lung and breathing problems, as it is inhaled then goes right into your blood stream and into your lungs. There are even some forms of cancer that is caused by chlorine ie bladder cancer being one of them. You can also absorb chlorine and other harmful contaminants in your water supply through your skin, eys, ears, nose, and mouth. Is this really a risk you are wanting to take with your family? The hotter the water the more vapors are released. You are also more able to absorb the contaminants through your skin if you have cuts, wounds, even sunburn, as the outer skin will loose its barrier like ability against these contaminants. Skin diseases also lower the barriers ability, ie psoriasis, exzema, dermatitis or any chronic skin problem. A shower filter will help with all these conditions as well as free your water from the chlorine and other harmful contaminants. The shower without the water filter makes your skin dryer and flakier, which causes more itching that you already have with these conditions

Chlorine is used to reduce and kill bacteria and viruses in water treatment and is a toxic chemical. It isn't only harmful in the shower it is harmful if you drink it as well. If you shower or bathe in unfiltered water you are unprotected from the vapors that are produced by chlorine in your water. Your inhalation of the steam is more harmful than actual water as it is released during the temperature increase and the temperature doesn't have to be real high. So a shower filter is a great idea to protect yourself and your family against the harmful effects of chlorine and other harmful contaminants in your water. Many people have purchased a water filter for drinking but haven't even given a thought to the fact they are getting harmful contaminants and chlorine in their shower.

We have a wide variety of shower filters you can choose from and all have a KDF filter along with carbon filtration or Crystalline Quartz. As the KDF effectively removes up to 99% of the free chlorine in your water. The filter cartridges are replaceable and last about a year. We do have a shower filter that is a throw away once it is used up also. KDF media is bacterialistic and carbon alone isn't. Carbon alone can allow all kinds of bad things ( bacteria) to grow and may even release them out while showering. So wouldn't you much rather have a great contaminant free, chlorine free shower instead of a shower that the whole time you are wondering what am I breathing in or what is absorbing in my body through my skin? We own one and it certainly is worth the money and the comfort in knowing that when we shower we are protected from harmful things in our water supply. So feel free to check out our products, we have shower filters, shower filters with massage heads, handheld and combo units as well as a throw away shower filter. We sell only the best on the market and we have researched to make sure you have a quality shower filters to choose from. Check us out at www.qualitywaterfilters4you.com

by: Chris Tracey


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